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While most of us only endure brief or unnoticeable illness, I have had several patients with Post Covid or Long Covid issues.

The three pictures here show the locations of the most common points I’m prescribing for patients suffering with long covid symptoms or for those that are trying to bounce back a bit quicker.

Mostly, after consultation, the patient uses moxa (a Chinese herb that burns like incense) on the points once or twice a day for a week. For patients with too much internal heat already, acupressure on these points is a better idea, but there are other points that can help with that too.

Of course, these points can be great for other conditions involving fatigue too.

Kidney 3 – This point tonifies the Kidney and Fundamental Qi

The point is located half-way between the medial malleolus prominence and the back of the ankle.

Stomach 36 – This point tonifies Qi and boosts metabolism – it is often considered the equivalent of a bowl of chicken soup. 

The point is located 1 finger breath lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia, and the width of all four fingers at the first interphalangeal knuckle below the depression lateral to the lower border of the kneecap.

Lung 9 – This point tonifies and moistens the Lung

It is located on the radial end of the transverse crease of the wrist. Lateral to where the radial artery pulsates and medial to the tendon of M. abductor pollicis longus.

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