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Rory In The Back Treatment Room

Many years ago, during a speech to first year students, I finished with the phrase “It’s all about getting the balance right”. Several years later, studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture I realised the full truth of that statement.
A balanced body and balanced mind is a wonderful feeling. Resistant to the pulls and tugs of daily life; healthy and free from aches and pains; able to engage in activity and also find one’s inner calm – Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help everyone enjoy life to their fullest.

For me, the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the transformation that occurs in each patient. Whether it’s the relief of an expectant mother knowing her baby has moved from breach to normal position or her back pain diminishing; a runner back training after being put out of the race by foot pain; a young father knowing that he can cope again or an elderly lady not having to take pain killers for her knee. Being the person that helped is always a privilege.

I trained in the Shanghai College of Acupuncture in Dublin, where I was taught by lecturers from the 6th teaching Hospital of Shanghai. My clinical practice was completed in the Su Pin Chen’s clinic in Terenure. I then went on to run a busy clinic in Mountjoy Square, Dublin. As a long term resident in Monasterevin, I want to offer my skills to benefit the local community.

I’m always happy to talk to people about what can change and how life can be made better. Feel free to contact me on 0864059898, or at

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