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waves lapping on a beach and a caption that reads breathe more freely - facemasks no longer required Uncategorized

No More Masks

Thanks to the recent change in government advice, facemasks are no longer required to be worn in most healthcare settings. Finally, we can see each other’s smiling faces! You can …

Living with the SEasons in Winter - an image of a bubble freezing from the bottom up Uncategorized


With Storm Barra arrival last week and display of the force of nature involved, we can safely say that winter is here. Whereas other seasons we can see the growth …

apples and pears - foods that are white inside can benefit the lungsfood

Lung Qi Nourishing Foods

In Chinese Medicine, the colour associated with the lung is white and the flavour is pungent (spicy). Therefore, pungent, white(ish) foods will tend to tonify the Lung Qi. Additionally, the …